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Cloak of Stars, Limited Edition Print 1/AP Framed

Part Number 13048
Cloak of Stars, Limited Edition Print 1/AP Framed
Cloak of Stars, Limited Edition Print 1/AP Framed
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Amy Brown Signed Numbered Artist Proof Print. This is 1AP (Artist Proof). What is an artist's proof? Artist's proofs are a special subset of the regular Limited Edition. Artist's proofs began back when Limited Editions were all handpulled from a oneman litho press. The artist's proofs were the first Prints pulled off a fresh" stone" (the plate which was drawn or etched by the artist to create the Prints). The stone wore down as the number of Prints was increased, so that the APs were the sharpest and most colorful of the lot. Thus, they sold for more, being a better product. These days, in the world of modern offset lithography, all the Prints in an edition are nearly identical. Artist's proofs maintain their collectability and value because A) They are a small subset of the edition, and B) they usually come directly from the artist. Artist's proofs are Signed" A/P" or" Artist's Proof".Exceptionally and. Print is double matted. Exterior of black frame Measures 17.5"x20.25".A beautiful tastefully framed addition to any Amy collection.
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